Word on the street

Who are my clients, and what are they saying?

Thank you very much for the splendid work you did on my proposal in English. As I was reading it through, after you had reworked it, I could only smile. You made the right rectifications and improved the text enormously. I was really proud and feeling confident to be able to handover such a professional and well written document.

I highly recommend you to everyone who needs to produce texts in English. Thank you again!

Pam proposed to fine tune our presentation in English to be shorter and more powerful. I must say after her intervention the presentation looked a lot more professional, and much more to the point. We now use it to present our business to new customers. At the first use we immediately received a job. Pam: thank you for this brilliant adaptation.

Thanks for the excellent translation of my Dutch website. I had already a good response on your comments. Thanks and be prepared to translate my whole website. You do more than a simple translation, you put power in your words. Words that makes differences.  

I was pleasantly surprised by your way of working. Not only do you want to understand our  activities but you’re also interested in the people and the philosophy behind the company. You did this not in haste but in several sessions where mutual feedback was important. You than transferred it all into English that isn’t dry and clinical but exactly what we want to emphasize: correct service, THEN, honesty and a personal touch. I would like to thank you for the good service and also for your great personality.

Pam, how can I describe you? As a painter, because you colored our words; as a cleaner, because you cleaned up our website; as a multifunctional power woman. Thank you for sprucing up our website. You rock!

Pam is a linguistic maître parfumeur: she captures the essence of a message better than any other copywriter I’ve worked with. Her process and messaging evolution (from briefing scribbles to word clouds to final versions) is a delight to participate in.  Patrick

I am proud to work with

many think

Other clients’ names are available on request. They include

consultants  performers  copywriters  translators  engineers  teachers  trainers  IT companies  medical products  NGOs  tour operators  wellness and fitness professionals  an art gallery  a bank  package delivery services  hotels  incentive travel  energy  real estate  interior design  chocolatiers  the European Commission  energy companies  accountancy and legal services  recruitment  event planning  photography  auto leasing  hybrid grass systems  lifestyle management

Writing samples happily provided on request.

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