Your story

You want fresh, focused communications for any number of applications. If any of the following conditions apply to you, let’s have a chat.

You need

website content

video or voiceover stories

tag lines

product packaging text

polished presentations

elevator pitches

editing / proofreading

company or product names


blog posts

You have

a product or service to launch

an event or trade show to promote

tired copy

an inconsistent verbal identity

a poor translation into English

no idea how to say what needs saying

not the slightest desire to write it yourself

I use just enough of your industry’s jargon and buzz words to give you credibility, and avoid relying on dried-up auto-speak. My native language is English.

I work from Dutch and French source materials to create an English equivalent that smoothly conveys the same facts and spirit as its counterpart; however, I am not technically a translator.

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